Welcome Judge James N. Citta to the firm.

//Welcome Judge James N. Citta to the firm.

Welcome Judge James N. Citta to the firm.

The Law Offices of Geldhauser & Rizzo LLC welcomed Judge James N. Citta to the firm last month.

Since his retirement in February 2011 Judge Citta is now able to serve as a mediator, arbitrator, discovery manager, case coordinator or as a Consultant for the Bar, Bench and the General Public.

Judge Citta has 35 years of legal experience. During his 20 year tenure on the Bench Judge Citta served in all three divisions of the Superior Court.

Judge Citta was recognized by the Family Law Committee of the Ocean County Bar Association for his contribution and support of the Early Settlement Program for the years 1995 through 1999.

During his service in the Criminal Division he served as a Trial Judge on many high profile cases. Judge Citta also served on the Criminal Practice Committee for four years. During this time the Supreme Court adopted several rule and procedural changes proposed by the committee.

While assigned to the Civil Division Judge Citta presided over the resolution and settlement of cases including personal injury, property damage, contractual disputes and estate matters.

Judge Citta has completed Divorce Mediation Training and is a certified mediator in New Jersey and New York.

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